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  • Company Name: Engineerforce Inc.
  • Headquarters: 〒150-0042 3F Shibuya Center building 16-8 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya,Tokyo
  • Business: Software development and sales
  • Foundation: 2020/08/04

Engineerforce.Inc. is developing Engineerforce, an estimate management tool, with the mission of Eliminating inefficiencies in the IT industry.

This system is a tool that reduces the time and burden involved in creating estimates and improves the productivity of IT engineers.

By providing information related to quotations in a SaaS model, information can be centralized and shared smoothly.


Product Overview

Our system is specifically designed for IT engineers to make estimating man-hours easier and more accurate.

You can centralize your Excel information, which used to be disparate, and use past estimates or share knowledge within your team. There is no more need to search for Excel files on the server.

In addition to man-hour estimates, the system also includes a forecasting function, so you can check the profitability of your projects.

The ability to create quotations, place and receive orders, issue invoices, and inspect deliveries online dramatically reduces the workload.

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Use Case

Do you spend an average of two to four weeks for creating quotations?
Do you feel that it is a waste of time to create quotations if you do not win business?

With our system, you can easily create estimates by using past estimates. In addition, since information on estimated man-hours can be shared within the team, you can prevent omissions of tasks and greatly reduce the time required to create estimates.

We also have the forecast/actual management function allows you to check the difference between the estimate and actual results for each task, allowing you to improve the process for future projects.

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Product 3.0 Release

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