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Let us introduce our knowledge sharing tool for estimating man-hours "Engineerforce". Not only does it reduce the burden of creating quotations, but it can also handle everything from order receipt to invoicing and acceptance inspection, helping you to increase productivity and profits.

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Generating easier and more accurate quotation

Our system enables you to create estimates easily by utilizing all the historical data. By creating estimates while referring to your team's estimate data, you can prevent duplication of tasks and omissions, and greatly improve the productivity of your quote creation.

Reducing the burden of quote creation

By saving tasks, you can improve the accuracy of your estimates and share knowledge with your team. We also have Artificial Intelligence to assist you in estimating man-hours.

One stop service to manage your business operation

You can complete the entire process online, from creating quotations to receiving orders, issuing invoices, and processing acceptance inspections. You can also check your revenue on the dashboard.


Knowledge Sharing

You can share knowledge of the estimated man-hours with your team. And you can refer to and divert past estimates as well.
You can formalize the rules of thumb of expert engineers and work more efficiently.


Streamline your tasks

If you register frequently used tasks in advance, you can use them when you create estimates.
This will save you time and effort in creating estimates and help you work more efficiently.


Feedback function

The feedback function enables more accurate quotation by reflecting the actual man-hours spent for future projects.
It can also be linked to Jira Software,so that it will be useful for project managers as well as upper management for budget control.


P/L Calculation & Approval Function

After creating a quote, you can calculate the profit and ask the decision maker to approve the quote.
Once the quotation is approved by the decision maker, it can be issued to the customer as a quotation.


Order & Invoice Management

Orders can be managed by credit card payment or by sending an email with an order link. After delivery, invoices and acceptance inspection forms can be issued, so the entire process can be completed on the system.


Revenue Management

You can check the revenue of each contracted project on the dashboard.
You can easily manage your projects by seeing the order month, acceptance month, and payment status at a glance. Annual revenue and closing rate for each customer are automatically calculated, reducing the burden on the back office.

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