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Let's introduce Engineerforce products. With a wide variety of project samples and template functions, Engineerforce reduces the burden on engineers to create estimations. It also allows for workforce planning and online delivery and acceptance inspection, which improves operational efficiency and leads to improved profits.

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Improves the estimating process

Knowledge sharing is available within your team, and templates and sample functions allow you to create estimates quickly and accurately. No more searching for Excel.

Confirmation of Project Plan Variance

The estimated/actual time management function allows you to check the deviation rate from the actual man-hours spent after the project is completed, providing you with the information necessary for listing inspections. It is also possible to visualize earnings by comparing the planned and actual profit margins of the project.

Built-in Staff Planning Function

You can check the utilization rate of members assigned to a project and prevent excessive workload. In addition, you can also foresee the timing of vacant positions, allowing you to make efficient business plans.


Knowledge Sharing

You can use this tool as a knowledge sharing tool within your team using the search, tag, and related project function. You can review your team's structure from a project review focusing on man-hours and optimize it by comparing it with similar projects.


Templates/Sample Projects

Templates and samples can be utilized when creating new estimates. These can greatly reduce the man-hours required to build up an estimate. In addition, with more than 100 different samples, you can easily create estimates using similar projects or tasks from a wide variety of samples.


Quote Approval (J-SOX compliant)

After creating a quotation, you can resolve all approval emails, return confirmations, and sending quotations to customers internally, freeing you from the hassle of opening both Excel and email at the same time and managing multiple files for each format. J-SOX compliant, it also enables you to perform internal control necessary for listing audits.


Document Issuance

Quotations, invoices, delivery slips, acceptance inspection slips, and all of these documents can be output from the quotations you have created. Quotations are scheduled to be compliant with the Electronic book preservation law by the end of this year, so they can be safely stored without having to be printed out on paper. In addition, since orders can be placed, delivered, and inspected online, daily business operations can be made more efficient.


Estimation and Actual Management

The forecasting function enables comparison of planned and actual man-hours spent, and the rate of discrepancy can be checked. This makes it easy to check the progress rate of each task and analyze the cause of any problems that may occur.


Visualization of Profit

The profit margin can be checked by comparing the profit margin at the time the estimate was created with the profit margin based on actual results. Since the transition of profit margin can be checked in real time, visualization of project earnings is realized.


Project Management (New Revenue Recognition Standards Compliant)

It is also possible to manage the status of a project from order receipt, lost order, delivery, and acceptance inspection, and to check which quotation was used to receive the order after it was quoted. Past revision history of quotations is also logged, so there are no multiple final versions of a quotation. It can also be used for lost order analysis. The new revenue recognition standard is already supported.


Staff Plan

The operating hours of the projects to which each member is assigned are totaled. Members who are assigned to multiple projects and whose total workload is increasing can be quickly identified and countermeasures can be taken. This allows for efficient business planning, as it allows you to foresee not only the most recent project, but also the timing of future vacancies.


Team Management

Data such as employment status, unit price, and skills of each member can be managed. You can manage all the data of each team member by entering their access privileges, unit price, and skills. Simply assigning a member to a project makes it possible to calculate the amount and cost.

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